For George Principal Photography Wrapped!

Well, we did it! Thanks to all the support from our Chicago friends at our For George on His 30th Birthday fundraiser, the unbridled generosity of the North Alabama film community, and our truly phenomenal crew members hailing from NYC, Chicago, and AL, we wrapped principal photography on September 6th!

Shot on location in Madison/Huntsville, AL on the RED Dragon with Kowa anamorphics by DP Nick Perron-Siegel (who just wrapped his first narrative feature that you can read more about here), the film has an amazing look and wonderful performances by our leads Michael Esper and Allie Gallerani

Look forward to more updates here on post-production, as well as the launch of a Seed & Spark campaign later this month to raise money for post costs! For now, if you would like to make a donation, we are accepting them via PayPal at