Crick in the Holler Wins Sloan Short Film Production Grant!

More exciting updates on the horizon! Ursula's short Columbia MFA thesis film, entitled Crick in the Holler, has just been awarded a generous grant from the Alfred P. Sloan foundation in the amount of $20,000. This grant will make it possible for Ursula, her cast, and her crew to shoot on location in West Virginia, where the film is set and Ursula's family home resides.

Set in Southern West Virginia at the beginning of the Elk River chemical spill of 2014, Crick in the Holler tells the story of a first-generation college student charged with the care of her rebellious younger sister who instead becomes consumed with investigating an issue with their water supply. When tragedy strikes due to her negligence at home, she learns a difficult lesson about the nature of crisis in this dark family drama.

More updates will follow shortly as we continue development and begin pre-production! The film is slated to shoot in early December.