Directing a new project in LA, Nov '17!

Ursula is delighted to be directing a new short film project in Los Angeles next month entitled AVA IN THE END, written and produced by Addison Heimann, and with cinematography by Travis Labella, both fellow Northwestern undergrad alums!

Ava in the End is a dark comedy short that tells the story of a Chicago actress in her late-twenties who wakes up in a computer after having died in an extremely dumb way. She's now somewhere in the Cloud, stuck with a particularly annoying computer as she waits for her mind to be downloaded into a new animatronic body.

But unbeknownst to her, there is no world anymore. Nuclear apocalypse is upon us and with the cloud destroyed, she is trapped inside the hard drive of a computer that is now minutes away from running out of battery.

Ursula is thrilled to be a part of such a fun, funny, and existential, Millenial angst wrought project! Look forward to more updates as we head into production next month!